The Beauty Of Japan About Koi Farmer Part 1

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showa a sleepy rural town just an hour outside the japanese city of hiroshima. in mid-july it’s very hot with ambient air temperatures well in excess of 30 degrees centigrade. Humanity too is very high these are the sort of conditions that simply make you want to sit down and do nothing. The staff of sakai fish farm it’s already mid-morning their working day began four hours ago such as the current workload.

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How to Make Your Koi Fish Grow Faster and Faster Part 2

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Number 4 what are values check your water values every single week and at high temperatures at least twice a week the water quality is shown in the so called water values these are numbers that say something about the minerals and acidity of the pond water.

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Important Step How to Feed Koi Fish

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Koi are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods. They will also recognise you as their provider an may take food out of your hand. koi tend to fed vertically so a deep pond or tank is required to give more room when they eat. They also like sifting through gravel to look for food. Doing so will disturb the substrate and may pollute the water quickly. So strong and reliable filters are needed to accommodation this feeding habit.

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Hunt Koi Champion in Japan Part 2

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Here in Japan a number of hard-working koi breeders are creating for many generations one of the most wonderful fishes on our planet. Welcome to the world of nishikigoi.

Although a chinese book from the jin dynasty mentions the kois a colorful cob it is assumed that breeding koi is an amount of fish would have started in the 19th century in the japanese prefecture niigata. it was untul 1914 that these standards became known to the outside world when the Niigata koi were exhibited at the tokyo koi fair.

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Hunt Koi Champion in Japan

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koi champion

Hidden away in the mountains of a japanese prefecture lies a small village called yamakoshi. When the autumn makes his entry hundreds of people from all over the world travel to japan to find that one specific potential champion. Each of those treasure hunters are hoping to buy that one extraordinary unique and one-of-a-kind, swimming jewelry.

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