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koi champion

Hidden away in the mountains of a japanese prefecture lies a small village called yamakoshi. When the autumn makes his entry hundreds of people from all over the world travel to japan to find that one specific potential champion. Each of those treasure hunters are hoping to buy that one extraordinary unique and one-of-a-kind, swimming jewelry.

Doing business in japan is different than in the rest of the world. Flaying to japan with a big bag of money and buying the best koi is not how to japanese breeders do business. In fact, they attach a lot of value to a strong and long relationship. One of the advantages associate with a good relationship i the hospitality of the breeders.

A champion koi excels in all parts not only in the body shape or size but also the skin quality. judging the skin quality is probably the hardest thing to judge on a koi. skinny quality is assessee on for example the depth of colors, balance, pattern and condition of the skin. about 30 years ago his family developed the matsunoske sanke by breeding with among others the magoi bloodline. what makes this bloodline so special is the size of the koi but especially the breathtaking skin quality.

The first thing you notice about this bloodline is the thickness an volume of the sumi. As if jar of black ink fallen over and ended up on the fish by accident. This bloodline is also known for showing her true face only at a later age. At a younger age it is slightly softer in color and the sumi (black) is often not easily visible but after few years you can see the real quality of the koi.

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