Hi Utsuri koi Champion Final Part 3

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The beauty of japanese culture is immediately visible from the first moment you arrive in japan. from spring to autumn the koi are swimming outside in the mud ponds to grow as much as possible. After harvesting the koi they are checked at the greenhouses for quality and growth.

In 2004 the Marujyu koi farm was totally destroyed by an earthquake. The Tanaka family led by shigeyoshi tanaka has since worked hard to get back where they are now.

If you want to buy a potential baby champion you are at the right place at the sakazume koi farm.The skin quality, pattern and size are really amazing. For example those three fishes are about 750 dollars each.

If you are looking for a jumbo Hi Utsuri the shinoda is the right place to buy on of them. Some Hi utsuri’s are over 1 meter big. When you select a Hi utsuri is important to pick up some hi utsuri’s for a closer to see if the there are no black spots on the orange skin. and i hope you enjoy this article and bye.

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