How to Make Your Koi Fish Grow Faster and Faster Part 1

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so let’s get started why your koi will not be that so big ? keep reading my article and i have the answer!

So the number 1 is DNA, as with humans it is genetically determine how big a koi can become the only thing we can influence as people is the speed and weather the koi will reach its maximum length. Breeder in japan work with bloodlines and breed with parent koi they know and so they know what the offspring will be. an if it will be big enough if the conditions are all right. but what are those goo condition? keep looking till the en of the article and you got all your answers.

So let’s continue with number 2. Number 2 is space. Breeders in japan have access to their mud ponds and there they can let their crow it grow into very fast so provide sufficient space. The minimum ratio for a pond is one cubic metre of water per fish the most ideal ratio is three cubic metres of water per fish. Do not fill your pond with too many fish but give them some space to grow.

Number 3 is nutrition perhaps one of the most important growth factors that you can change directly never save on koi foo in the end you pay for quality do not be fooled by very high protein levels in a koi food always remember that a koi can only absorb 38% of proteins and the rest immediately disappears as waste in your pond water the result a lot of foam on your water and collar pond water as well by a koi foo that has already proven itself such as he carry or provides.

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