How to Make Your Koi Fish Grow Faster and Faster Part 2

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Number 4 what are values check your water values every single week and at high temperatures at least twice a week the water quality is shown in the so called water values these are numbers that say something about the minerals and acidity of the pond water.

the most important water values for your pond are total a hardness GH value total carbonate hardness KH value and the acidity pH value you can buy different measuring kits for your water values anywhere in the internet everywhere in the world.

air bubbles in the form of “O2” in the water

Let’s continue with number 5. water change and sufficient oxygen one of the most underestimate growth factors is the presence of oxygen and freshwater change at least 10% or more each week and always provide enough oxygen.

this is also good for the bacterial growth in the filter system and therefore your water quality make sure good enough oxygen in the filter system and in your pump only in this way you can ensure sufficient oxygen levels in your pond. koi can become ill or envy die if the oxygen level is too low.

So the number 6 in this series is temperature. temperature of your pond water is also a factor that can easily change the koi grows faster at a higher temperature at 17 or 18 degrees the energy is mainly put into the skin quality at 22 degrees the energy mainly goes to development in body at 24 degrees or higher we mainly work on the length and growth of the koi.

keep in mind that the koi can lose yts color during a longer period at high temperatures. This has a negative influence on the pigmentation in the skin cells. So don’t heat up the pond all year long and an extra effect is that koi in their first living years are growing much faster than when they get older.

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