Hunt Koi Champion in Japan Part 2

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Here in Japan a number of hard-working koi breeders are creating for many generations one of the most wonderful fishes on our planet. Welcome to the world of nishikigoi.

Although a chinese book from the jin dynasty mentions the kois a colorful cob it is assumed that breeding koi is an amount of fish would have started in the 19th century in the japanese prefecture niigata. it was untul 1914 that these standards became known to the outside world when the Niigata koi were exhibited at the tokyo koi fair.

The meridia farm is located in mishigene of more precisely in yamakoshi mountains of the Niigata are. For the breeding of koi to millions liters of water are available in the 77 mud ponds of muju koi farm.

The farm was founded in 1945 by yoichi tanaka and today the farm is run by the third generation of the tanaka family. The Three brothers sagashi mitsugu and yasuyuki are creating and breeding one of the most beautiful koi of this area. These days the merger koi farm has specialized breeding dramas tensho and showa.

Is perhaps the so-called mud ponds almost every koi that’s allowed to swim in a japanese mud ponds around the summer is perfect because the koi can develop much better than in an artifical pond.

One of the customer is looking for a goo cigar an helps to succeed here at amory hero koi farm. when you arrive at the Merrill Iroquois farm the first thing you see is the big round swimming pool with amazing big and beautiful koi.

A big advantage of at a zoo gary is the climate in Niigata, it can get very hot here in the summer time which is very good for the growth of the koi

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