The Beauty Of Japan About Koi Farmer Part 1

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showa a sleepy rural town just an hour outside the japanese city of hiroshima. in mid-july it’s very hot with ambient air temperatures well in excess of 30 degrees centigrade. Humanity too is very high these are the sort of conditions that simply make you want to sit down and do nothing. The staff of sakai fish farm it’s already mid-morning their working day began four hours ago such as the current workload.

The business is in the envy able position of being the large nishikigoi farm on the planet. such a position however brings with it a tremendous workload. one that it’s ultimately never-ending.

Foreign koi dealers visiting japan will find very little available stock to purchase at this time of the year for the breeders themselves because this is the time of year when parent koi formed an the all-important process of growing and nurturing fry take place. this is the process of breeding nishikigoi from initial preparation of hatchery to when they are strong enough to be place in either an indoor concrete pond or in one of the farms more than 80 mud ponds.

sakai fish farm is a vast operation stretching across the valley as it does a continual investment strategy coupled with an advanced breeding program allows the farm to service the ever-increasing worldwide demand for the company’s product.

most of us are familiar with the fact sakai have won the old japan show on a number of occasions and that the farm is famous for it’s jumbo specimen some of which measure an excess of 90 centimeters. All koi of whatever size begin their journey in the same way.

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